Tuesday, June 19, 2007

the bird's jOb is safe

as wayward O learned this week by listening to tale of shitsy spitsy, sometimes traveling far and wide in effort to put your drab little town on map can go horribly wrong...

Brown as brown itselfalas, sometimes pulling from inside ranks can have same effect. but not for orioles. every time orioles look for leader inside warehouse, they always come up huge. take this video for example (super ^5s to team-ophile roar from 34, who found evidence to back up claim):

as storm has beset crew inside big old warehouse, wayward O has contented himself with knowing that, as far as mascots go, orioles are nonpareil. and by nonpareil wayward o means "good" -- not sprinkles that go on ice cream cone! anyway sprinkles are very ORSULAK-era, whereas in GIBBONs-era we have DIP-n-DOTz.


what really stunned wayward O most about this tubinous rex nuggetous videophinous was following image from about the 2:13 minute mark:

Hobo O-JoeIt's Wayward O's long-lost cousin

Can you believe??? Wayward O thought ol rail ridin buddy not only had disappeared for good, but that no evidence he ever walked the earth remained behind. Oh this video is SO FULL OF INCITES. wayward O loves METAPHOR of clobbering buttoned-up yankee fan and also DON AASE sighting near end and that's not even beginning of how golden!

oh sure, sometimes in-house projects don't pan out all that well. take guy who managed team until yesterday. sure he was OK man but he had two problems: first, he presided over mother's day massacre and it was, as we established here, 84.4% his fault. also in cleveland game a few weeks back he DID NOT KNOW RULES and almost forgot to argue when Young Savior scored run. Os went on to win game, and victory is a great balm, but wayward O hasn't forgotten because it was prima facie evidence that manager was asleep at switch. lastly, wayward O guesses we need manager who practices -- no not TOUGH LOVE -- but rather


raining down upon SPOILED OVERPAYED PLAYERS; tirades so fulsome with their misanthropic bile players


NEAR THIS WALKING, SPITTLING BEELZEBUB of a team leader and much prefer spending innings

on basepaths

thank you very much.

so while team is floundering about, pulling shitsy spitsy's tale in hopes a golden nugget will pop out, at least orioles fanz have a little something called HERITAGE to fall back on. and what better than a giant-headed cartoon bird to represent it? (other than the B word on the away jerseys, perhaps.)

in short, to sam perlozzo wayward O sez: no hard feelings, but good riddance. and for record, wayward O -- as longtime friends and kin can attest -- has pretty much been baseball fan for whole life and prior to M.D.M. had NEVER EVER EVER ONCE EVER called for firing of manager. but match, it was plain, was not made in happy hunting grounds.

of course IRONY is that Os promoted the bullpen coach in a season where bullpen has been, how do they say in arabic, an unmitigated NACHBA --- or disaster. and talk of joe girardi is over-stated for moment. wayward O lives in brooklyn and he can tell you sports yakkers here not to mention the baseball men WANT TO HAVE GIRARDI FOR THEMSELVES and all are on phone to joe G telling him Os is not good choice!!!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's a great clip of da boid. Maybe he can learn how to use a bullpen.

June 20, 2007 12:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

btw - when looking for a pitching coach, you wanna find someone who's pitching, not catching.

June 22, 2007 3:26 PM  

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