Tuesday, November 6, 2007

are yOu experienced?

here is something um, interesting, about four of the five newest additions to Orioles' coaching staff:

dave trembley, manager, total MLB games played: 0
david jauss, bench coach, total MLB games played: 0
rick kranitz, pitching coach, total MLB games played: 0
allen dunn, bullpen coach. total MLB games played: 0

as for a fifth addition to staff:

tbOne shelby, first base coach. total MLB games played: 1,036

does wayward O have that right? can this be a good thing? maybe! wayward O, for example, knows MANY THINGS ABOUT BASEBALL, despite fact that he has NEVER PLAYED A MAJOR LEAGUE GAME!

since you asked, dear reader*, the two coaches who will survive from the 2007 campaign, 3rd base coach juan samuel and hitting coach terry crowley, have 1,720 and 865 games' worth of experience, respectively, in the majors.

just how major is orioles' overhaul? in addition to the above changes, baltimore sun says:

[Dave] Trembley still is looking to add coaches to serve as bullpen catchers and throw batting practice after Sammy Snider, Rudy Arias and Orlando Gomez were not asked back
when the BP coach gets fired, that's an overhaul!

* wayward O making this up. you did not, in fact, ask



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I confess, Wayward, that of late I have wondered why, when other teams are considering gold glove outfielders and MVP 3d Basemen, the O's are spending all their time navel gazing about bullpen and bench coaches. Is this the "new wave" we have been waiting for? Please enlighten me.

November 7, 2007 7:36 PM  
Blogger the wayward o said...

there is no new wave, only darkness

November 8, 2007 1:48 AM  

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