Wednesday, April 23, 2008

rearview mirrOr savants

all over diaspOra today there is criticism of manager for letting jeremy guthrie pitch to jose vidro in 8th inning in last night's loss to seattle. here is what wayward O is seeing from fickle fan-base:
  • guthrie was "gassed" and should have been pulled
  • jamie walker was ready for the matchup vs. vidro
  • by extension, presumably, trembO "can't manage" bullpen...

maybe, maybe and wrong, says Wayward O. we know already that manager has TOLD STARTERS THEY MUST GO DEEP INTO GAMES. so he's just doing what he said he would.

if you want to pull guthrie for walker fine. maybe guthrie is tired. sometimes pitchers get better when they're tired. sometimes not. maybe walker gets vidro, maybe not. but as it stood, vidro barely slapped ground ball past roberts.

if roberts throws out vidro, yammering critics are happy and quiet today ... and this FACT, friends, is why criticisms are nothing more than sour grapes. trembO made a decision and it didn't work out. that's all, nothing more.

meanwhile, Wayward O was proud of st. guts ... going toe-to-toe with king felix over eight innings and once again showing why he's real deal. and how about jeremy's unassisted put-out at third base late in game?


when will you ever see that again? has video here. mlb video is getting better, incidentally; hopefully soon there will be EMBED feature ... welcome to 2005!!

anyway, back to game. if only Os hitters, especially young savior and his holiness, luke scott, hadn't been asleep at switch during early innings outcome might have been very different....



Blogger Phil said...

Interesting comments, can't say I agree or disagree. I do agree with your CC comments that markickass kinda cost us the game; but against Felix, good hitters will look stupid. That is just life. Markickass will live to see another day; St. Guts will live to pitch another day. And Trembley will live to manage another day.

April 23, 2008 8:25 PM  

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