Sunday, March 1, 2009

dreaded, endless mOnth

It is dreaded, endless month of March. March kind of reminds Wayward O of the FloMax TV spot narrated by the man with FAKE BOB UECKER VOICE: You want to enjoy it until you realize it's making you squirm.

Here are three more things about March that are eternal, expected yet painful nevertheless:
  • trying to sign up with
  • 18-degree mornings
  • melvin mora in good mood
But enough about Month. Team reminds Wayward O of BACON-SAUSAGE TRAY at Huntley Lodge in Big Sky:

The boundless potential of grilled meat

Salty and inviting -----> BUT PROBABLY HEARTBURN-INDUCING!

Soon blog will make FUN PREDICTIONS. Stay tuned. Super hint: The Royale signed yet another reliever!

Also it is good to see Wayward O's personal favorite "pardOn their dust" gaining ground on "miracle in prOgress" in Sobriquet Search. The latter feels like it might be year early!!!



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