Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Team has been worst team in baseball last couple weeks except for stupid Nats. so last night's win was balm for souls of shrinking, beleaguered nation of fans.

and yet Wayward O must this rainy tuesday morning chide manager for not inserting pinch runner for ZAUN when ZAUN hit double in eighth inning.

with nasty losing streak eating away at Team's last shred of dignity, a two-run lead and a very shaky, flat-brimmed closer about to take hill for ninth ....

you have to put in a speedy runner there

as we now know, the situation was mooted when brian roberts crushed home run, making score 8-4 and helping assure win.

nevertheless, pie was inserted as defensive replacement in ninth inning. that, of course amounted to stroke of genius by trembo, as felix made following catch:

FS Florida via MLB.tv

with two men on and heart of Rays' order on deck.

so my man trembley got pie into the game albeit a half-inning late for Wayward O's taste. what's done is done.

but allow wayward o to elaborate for a moment. let's go back in time to top eight. let's say b-rob singles to right instead of going big fly. if pie is pinch running from 2nd there is a 84.57% chance he scores. as the game stood, there was a 13.87% chance of ZAUN scoring in same scenario.

Wayward O is not statistician but single to right scenario is far more likely there than home run.

of course sherrill did not give up any runs thanks to pie's great defensive play but the fact, as they say remains. moreover, if you're going to bring in pie for ninth there's no reason to leave him on the bench in eighth.

maybe it's all just peeay in the skeeay.

MORAL OF STORY: trembo has modeled himself after earl weaver. he does not like small ball. and of course you could argue that he kept his powder dry by not pulling all levers at once

OTHER MORAL OF STORY: it's PeeAYYYYYyyyyyyyy too early to "give up" on felix



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Looks like Felix is trying to catch the ball in his mouth.

May 5, 2009 5:12 PM  

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