Saturday, January 30, 2010


Wayward O hit WNST radio's Web live stream Friday and, it turns out, it was last day or something on radio for Nestor Aparicio who Blog understands based on Nestor's description is owner of Balto. sports radio station and budding sportsyap Internet empire.

It was first time Wayward O had checked in in many moons -- probably two years or so.

Listening to WNST is kind of fun for one main reason: They let callers talk long, talk loud and then talk some more. Dora from Dundalk can have two, three full minutes of air time, if she wishes, to expound upon theory that Peter Angelos likes to kick cats when nobody is looking.

Most radio stations give FanYaps about eight words before they are Cut Off.

Wayward O was impressed and thinks tactic
a) is concerted management decision to let fans have their say or
b) is because station doesn't get that many calls
Maybe both?

Nestor is very energetic man but tends to swing between bouts of self-importance, paranoia, bitterness and nihilism, sometimes in same sentence.

"It is my final show," he said for example, about 3 p.m.-ish, after explaining to listeners that his knowledge of sports is more extensive than that of average fan -- sort of like how an auto mechancic knows cars better than average driver -- and how average fans simply will have to muddle through without him.

"And if you haven't figured it out yet, I don't really care," he added with Nietzchean flair.

Wayward O finds Nestors of World to be interesting people. Their minds work quickly. You can tell they care. And you can see that, beneath bravado, there is real person.

Sometimes though, Nestors of World feel, Wayward O guesses, compelled to "keep it real" or something in ways that are, um, not unlike shooting oneself in foot.

Here is what Nestor had to say about Team, for example, also in 3 p.m. hour: "They're bad people. They do bad things. I don't believe it will ever get fixed."

Presumably he is referring to Team Management and not to players and fans. But it's hard to tell.

Nestor's swansong also was peppered with challenges for haters to call and let him have it. None did while Wayward O was tuned in.

Maybe they weren't listening.

And, sadly, stream mysteriously died right when Jim Duquette started talking about Team.

Wayward O couldn't get stream back ... but promises to check back in soon, maybe in another couple years?

Just kidding. It was just raw enough to check in again and see whether Nestor can keep promise to stop talking.



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... if a tree falls in the forest, with NOBODY LISTENING, does it make a sound ... oh, never mind.

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