Saturday, February 13, 2010

in which wayward O gets mad

Wayward O knows it's been a long time since Wayward O rapped at you. But, to paraphrase Jim Anchower, Wayward O has felt like just another cayenne-flake in Tabasco-storm of life lately.

And, Blog knows, Blog is Baseball Blog. And SO MANY THINGS ARE HAPPENING on Baseball Front, sort of, or something. Like we didn't sign nasty lefty and 3e has a booboo or something.

Things were busy enough before Google summarily decided to Execute FTP publishing.

This may sound like "INSIDE BASEBALL," or "NERD YACK," but for many bloggers it is causing GLENN DAVIS-like FLASHBACKS and other headaches.

Long story short, Wayward O is probably going to be forced to change up publishing platforms -- unless Google comes to its senses. Hopefully this move will pave way for nifty redesign or something but most likely it will pave way for swearing and broken links.

Wayward O knows this seems a bit boring and tech-y -- and we all know Wayward O is not "STATS GUY" who scoffs at such silly metrics as BATTING AVERAGE -- but Wayward O has decided that silence is not option.

Google recently pushed off execution deadline until May 1, largely due to massive customer anger, which is a good start.

This crazyness on Part of Google comes as Big Search Engine seems to be P$$NG PEOPLE OFF left and right. First there was tech debacle that accompanied Nexus Phones, then were was big fight over Google in China and lately Google has been rubbing privacy advocates wrong way by FOISTING wanabe social network into people's Gmail accounts.

Google's recent pushy behavior reminds Blog of another BIG COMPANY -- you'll remember them by their ubiquitous CD-ROM mailings -- that some 10 years ago thought it was King DONUT of CROISSANT Mountain.

Take a look at what that company's customer-unfriendly behavior wrought it, Google. Take a GOOD LOOK: 2000 market cap: $200 billion. 2010 market cap: Maybe $2.5 billion?

To be sure, Google currently appears to be at its high-water mark. Wayward O took an accounting of how much his life has been Google-fied in last five years or so:

  • Gmail
  • Adsense
  • Blogger
  • site search on blog
  • finance -- which really rocks
  • not to mention, uh, a lot of Googling

And that's just right off top of Wayward O's head. But choices aren't only choices. They're choices based on superior product, convenience and performance.

Bottom line: If Google keeps promise to execute FTP, then Wayward O will de-Google entire life.* And lest ye worry that Wayward O won't, then, be able to call up Eddie Murray's life time OPS with few keystrokes, Wayward O can tell you that BING works quite well.

So, to wrap up rant, go ahead Google, make Wayward O's day. See if Wayward O keeps his business in your capable hands.

Your products are great. They really are -- now don't push your luck.

* with possible exception of Gmail, which would punish Wayward O more than Google

Oh and Wayward O was flattered at BIGGEST RESPONSE YET in terms of votes in last poll:
Gonzo hopefully will be exciting, electric player for 2010.



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Dante Stallworth is a Raven.....

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