Sunday, January 24, 2010

tejada hits 4-hOle?

ok so Team gets miguel tejada back, to play third, probably spell cesar izturis a few times at short and maybe dh every now and then.

miguel grounds into a lot of double plays, which is bad, yet he doesn't strike out a lot. only 48 Ks in in 635 at bats last year and comparable numbers going back several years.

optimistically his home run total will tweak back up in camden with its section 80-82 porch, which miguel used to love. even if they don't he's gonna put ball in play and get his doubles.

given fact that luke scott and nicky are, ehm, not to be you know mean but, strikeout machines, maybe tejada hits cleanup.

to put it another way: who else is gonna do it?

if matt wieters turns into force this year perhaps he's in four-hole by august. adam jones, too, has cleanup potential, but he's real wild card at this point: mostly he has to stay healthy.

brian roberts
adam jones
nick markakis
miguel tejada
luke scott
matt wieters
felix pie / nolan reimold
garrett atkins
cesar izturis

incidentally it will be interesting to see if miguel gets pissy about number 10, which jones wears. tejada took that to houston. and since his Oakland uni number [4] is retired in Balto. because Earl wore it he can't take that one either. early test for miguel, be cool about uni number!

oh and not that it was alive really in first place but adrian gonzalez deal is dead and he's not coming to Baltzmo in trade now either. ok well it's still possible but 92% less likely.

if Team signs erik bedard, meanwhile, starting five would look like:

kevin millwood
jeremy guthrie
brad bergesen
brian matusz

that's wayyyy better than last year's. there's at least a 38.4% chance Team doesn't end up in cellar again.

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

miguel is very sOrry

it was tough for wayward o to watch sad tejada in houston yesterday as he came to grips with ... essentially the last three years. for what it's worth, tejada was completely sincere in his statement and emotion. and he was the first of the bunch to plead guilt to a steroid-related offense.

he even went out of his way to apologize to Team.

while he was in baltimore, the knock on tejada was that he was mercurial; asking to lead one minute and then appearing to lag on the field the next. the bottom line with tejada is he is a great and talented player who simply is not very introspective about the future or the implications of certain events.

nevertheless he completely redeemed himself as far as blog is concerned and wayward o wishes him nothing but the best.

ps. this roberto alomar business is just ... bizarre.


Thursday, January 17, 2008

pOems for miguel

Quoth Drayton McLane nevermore!

Wayward O is proud to introduce new form of Internet pOem called HaikUrl.*

And who better to honor with world's first four HaikUrls than the man, the enigma, the inspirational short stop, No. 10?

miguel in trouble
astros in holding pattern
blowback in crabtown?

'a terrible day'
miguel vows to keep playing
he lost his brother

newspaper's wishful thinking
tarjeta verde!


The thousand-yard stare
Dark, pensive, Dominican
Flip baseball to Kaz

* Haiku + Url = HaikUrl


Thursday, December 13, 2007

intenté mi mejOr


Wednesday, December 12, 2007

a tear fOr number ten

the wayward O is sad to say goodbye to a great player. we'll have to re-name section 80 at camden yards because "miguel tejada home run land" is no longer applicable.

"i don't think it's ever easy to trade away a player of miguel's stature," said a stern andy macphail during a telephone press conference wednesday afternoon.

tejada will never win any awards for being close to the vest, shrewd or patient. but he brought energy, hope, that unmistakable whipsaw swing and immense talent to baltimore, taking a gamble on a team many other players wouldn't.

and he got burned. because peter angelos and his band of jokers did not live up to their promise to build a winner around their start short stop.

but now the orioles have macphail calling the shots. and macphail seems to have a vision for what he wants to do.

at the very least, macphail seems to have his starting outfield set up for 2008: luke scott in left, tike redman in center and nick markakis in right.

macphail is close to the vest about the pitchers acquired in the trade. on the conference call he did not promise any of them would be on the 2008 roster. in fact, wayward O sort of got the feeling that some of the might be traded before playing with team.

hopefully the tejada trade will mark a new chapter the history of orioles-astros deals. baltimoreans are, of course, still sore about the glenn davis trade in the 1990 offseason. maybe some of these young 'uns coming here from houston can undo the lingering resentment and become the steve finleys and curt schillings of the future.

the orioles will "control" luke scott for 5 years and the other four players for six years each, macphail noted. the astros added a big bat to their lineup. it's quite an arms race in the NL central.

wayward O spent part of the afternoon trying to think of tejada jokes, but none came to mind. really, it's a sad day here at t.w.O. world HQ.


Friday, November 9, 2007

an illustrated guide tO disaster

a good friend and relative of wayward O, who is brilliant baseball mind, places fulcrum of disaster for team's last three years of futility squarely in weeks after miguel tejada signed big contract -- when star short stop along with rest team FAILED TO ENTICE star expos free agent right-fielder to come to crabtown.

vladdy g. in those days was not shy about reason for snub:


to wit:

fig. a.
Crabcake sandwich

fig. b
Fish taco

at top please see fig. a.: scrumptious crabcake sandwich. oh my it makes wayward O's mouth water! to be found in abundant quantities all along shores of chesapeake bay region! beneath, please see fig. b.: fish tacos. no less sublime in level of deliciousness! but very abundant in land of southern california, where angels play the baseball!

it's not like vladdy is alone. no less a player than aubrey huff thinks baltimore is a "horsesh*t town," albeit for different reasons. wayward O says every person will have opinions about every city; and each comes from a different place. that is what human diverse-city is all about! nevertheless, we are about to say goodbye to most talented oriole to take field since roberto alomar!

say what you will about tejada's mental states, or leadership skills ... to wayward O it makes no difference! it was great to watch miguel go to work everyday. and it's sad to see him on the way out. he put up huge numbers in baltimore, even during off year.

more nauseating still is concept of watching miggy beat crap out of Orioles for next two years as a yankee. disgusting. it will be hard pill to swallow for Wayward O, whose loyalties to team have been battered and beaten.

many Os fans on blogs and elsewhere seem to regard tejada and melvin mora as SAME PERSON. wayward O would love to see mora traded, if possible, to another team. but tejada and mora are vastly different. losing mora would mean little, whereas losing tejada, especially within confines of AL EAST, would likely cement team inside tomb of losing for at least three more years.

so wayward O asks team with most utmost of fervor: Please, if you ship Mr. Tejada out of town, please make sure he goes far, far away!

as for integrating latin cultures in land of pleasant living, well, this is a start. or is it? in the meantime, think of how many things would be different had team managed to sign guerrero:

1) young savior would be in LEFT FIELD
2) team would have been in playoffs at least once since '05
3) team would have been able to sign top-line pitching; though this might have been disastrous, as yankees have learned with kevin brown, cory lidle, randy johnson and mike mussina
4) entire FO would probably still be intact

well, no sense crying in one's leche derramada. let's move on to another dreary offseason for once-proud franchise.


Friday, June 29, 2007

things we knOw

1. orioles are playing fine without tejada; his injury is blessing in thin disguise. hopefully he's still part of team next year. in 3-hole with a real slugger backing him up he'll be fine. and he'll also be more apt to take days off or DH and that will keep him hitting.

2. game should have been called before jeter's at-bat last night. even so, orioles still have chance to sweep "series." orioles have been jobbed worse. remember the satan-boy in the 1996 playoffs? so last night's anti-oriole bias was minor in comparison.

3. yankees are done. they would need a 16-game winning streak to even get within sight of wild card lead. think that will happen? what was jeter so happy about after he hit his double? he ain't going nowhere.

4. macphail and trembley both have been at best impressive and at worst serviceable right out of the gate.

how's all that for positive? why don't you hit the comments area and tell wayward O what else we know. wayward Oriole is quite tired today.

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Friday, June 22, 2007

nOt backing trembley (yet)

today is wayward O's birthday. isn't that neat?

lord help wayward O for saying this. maybe it's cake and ice cream talking. but wayward O is kind of starting to like dave trembley a teeny tiny little bit. unlike fired guy, interim manager does not sit in dugout with look on face like marie antoinette with angry mob outside gates; he has smile on face and good countenance. he also looks like guy you wouldn't want to try and shove around, which is what spoiled overpayed orioles did to other guy. of course, some would argue he's already being shoved around but wayward O will get to that.

wayward O knows it's a bit early and maybe first impressions are not always accurate.

trembley is already taking heat among some of the diaspOra because of decision to let miguel tejada bunt and leave game. wayward O says trembley is not in pressure position to win games immediately as team (10 out of wild card with seas of talent ahead of them) is done for 2007 (barring a miracle seen only perhaps twice in MLB history) nor is trembley going to end up on the organizational hot seat for decision, since he currently is only manager on interim basis. wayward O says if trembley were real manager he would not allow tejada such weird leeway.

that said, one poster on roch's blog made comment which strikes strong chord with wayward O:
it's crap like this that gives talking heads like Kruk and Phillips reason
to say this organization is the worst in baseball and any managerial candidate
would be nuts to take the job here. -- steve
steve is right, sadly. espn can say orioles is team where crazies run asylum and where streaks are more important than winning. based on years of evidence, who can contradict that? only thing though, kruk is more of a talking stomach than a talking head. oh and also, it does not matter what orioles do, espn is racist against them and kills them for everything. if orioles ever get good again, we'll see if espn comes around.

bigger mistake than tejada-gate was kissing girardi's ass, knowing full well all NY guys and half of world was blowing up his cell phone urging him "don't go to baltimore" probably massive collusion took place but we'll never know.

wayward O was not in least bit surprised that joe girardi did the feather boa tease dance and then hung orioles out to dry. why wouldn't he? any time a new york baseball guy gets any kind of power of AL East rival team, he will use it to hurt team and help yankees. girardi probably never intended to take job but now he knows what orioles are planning and he's gabbing it to the YES people and they of course are obligated to share intel with yankee team.

Os should have left girardi on shelf for a few weeks then talked to him. this is all angry angelos acting impulsively behind scenes. he probably feels sting of fan hate more than anyone. and deservedly so. talking to girardi first and hyping girardi in balto. media was a mistake; a bigger mistake than the tejada thing.

orioles don't need new manager just because he's got a name in the league. for example, if dave trembley is the man, then he's the man. wayward O's top choice is still davey johnson, head and shoulders above rest of rumored pool of candidates. although there is this from pioneer press:
It would be surprising if new Baltimore Orioles President Andy MacPhail
doesn't inquire as to the availability of his former manager with the Twins, Tom
Kelly, who led Minnesota to World Series titles in 1987 and 1991.
OK now business of brain-stimulating team incites is over, and you've had your bran flakes, now time for treat:

YANKEES SWEPT BY ROCKIES and yankees will be joining orioles on scrap heap of 2007 failures soon enough. it's a wonderful way to spend summer, watching this.

The Rockies now have more victories against the American League East
than the Yankees do, with nine. That oddity points out the Yankees’ early misery
and the Rockies’ surprising surge during interleague play. Colorado has won 9 of
its past 12 games, all against teams from the A.L. East.

-- New York TimeZ game story

don't tell wayward O that doesn't make heart sing!! Orioles have SIXTEEN GAMES vs. janquis to take out frustrations and damage pinstripe egos. if nothing else, this is what wayward O is living for.

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