Saturday, February 13, 2010

in which wayward O gets mad

Wayward O knows it's been a long time since Wayward O rapped at you. But, to paraphrase Jim Anchower, Wayward O has felt like just another cayenne-flake in Tabasco-storm of life lately.

And, Blog knows, Blog is Baseball Blog. And SO MANY THINGS ARE HAPPENING on Baseball Front, sort of, or something. Like we didn't sign nasty lefty and 3e has a booboo or something.

Things were busy enough before Google summarily decided to Execute FTP publishing.

This may sound like "INSIDE BASEBALL," or "NERD YACK," but for many bloggers it is causing GLENN DAVIS-like FLASHBACKS and other headaches.

Long story short, Wayward O is probably going to be forced to change up publishing platforms -- unless Google comes to its senses. Hopefully this move will pave way for nifty redesign or something but most likely it will pave way for swearing and broken links.

Wayward O knows this seems a bit boring and tech-y -- and we all know Wayward O is not "STATS GUY" who scoffs at such silly metrics as BATTING AVERAGE -- but Wayward O has decided that silence is not option.

Google recently pushed off execution deadline until May 1, largely due to massive customer anger, which is a good start.

This crazyness on Part of Google comes as Big Search Engine seems to be P$$NG PEOPLE OFF left and right. First there was tech debacle that accompanied Nexus Phones, then were was big fight over Google in China and lately Google has been rubbing privacy advocates wrong way by FOISTING wanabe social network into people's Gmail accounts.

Google's recent pushy behavior reminds Blog of another BIG COMPANY -- you'll remember them by their ubiquitous CD-ROM mailings -- that some 10 years ago thought it was King DONUT of CROISSANT Mountain.

Take a look at what that company's customer-unfriendly behavior wrought it, Google. Take a GOOD LOOK: 2000 market cap: $200 billion. 2010 market cap: Maybe $2.5 billion?

To be sure, Google currently appears to be at its high-water mark. Wayward O took an accounting of how much his life has been Google-fied in last five years or so:

  • Gmail
  • Adsense
  • Blogger
  • site search on blog
  • finance -- which really rocks
  • not to mention, uh, a lot of Googling

And that's just right off top of Wayward O's head. But choices aren't only choices. They're choices based on superior product, convenience and performance.

Bottom line: If Google keeps promise to execute FTP, then Wayward O will de-Google entire life.* And lest ye worry that Wayward O won't, then, be able to call up Eddie Murray's life time OPS with few keystrokes, Wayward O can tell you that BING works quite well.

So, to wrap up rant, go ahead Google, make Wayward O's day. See if Wayward O keeps his business in your capable hands.

Your products are great. They really are -- now don't push your luck.

* with possible exception of Gmail, which would punish Wayward O more than Google

Oh and Wayward O was flattered at BIGGEST RESPONSE YET in terms of votes in last poll:
Gonzo hopefully will be exciting, electric player for 2010.


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

triple mega reverse sOckawhammy re-massacre

Oddly enough, Wayward O doesn't feel like he was kicked in face too bad after today's result. It's going to happen. It just is.

But if he was going to thrOw somebody under bus, it wouldn't be George Sherrill; it would be Jim Johnson, who couldn't get anybody out and who forced manager's hand. Sherrill was pitching on 2/3rds of a day's rest and it would have been nice if Young Houdini could have, you know, gotten somebody out. Sherrill was thrust into a really tough spot and some credit may also go to Sox manager for playing some head games when he asked ump to inspect baseball that Flat Breezy was using. After that happened, Georgie couldn't get it over.

And what are you going to do about Rocco Baldelli's hit that could just as easily have been a groundout? Nuthin.

BUT. Wayward O has been so thrilled with young JJ's outings over last two years that it's hard to criticize him too hard for one subpar performance. Guy takes role seriously and it's clear he's extremely valuable for Team.

Team is 12-12 over last 24 6-6 over last 12 and despite some humiliating losses Team has handed out some pain as well. It's clear we're real Team now and as young pitchers come along things are going to steadily improve.

And while Red Sox and their invading fans continue to slowly eclipse Yankees fans in Rude Department, you still cannot but tip cap at how resilient BoSox are and how they hate to lose baseball games!

Wayward O isn't gonna lie: He's enjoying the ride. At least we know that, if we're going to get there, we have to go through flames to do it.

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Sunday, October 26, 2008

pastry art baristas dOn't like team

sharp-eyed old lady in florida who is wayward O's grandma sent this along, via pony express among other couriers, to world HQ...

the newspaper article, by the way, goes on after page jump, and continues to slag team.

so wayward O did a little research on two men and here are important things you should know:
  • hoff was BORN IN BALTIMORE MARYLAND; pitt was born in OKLAHOMA ... WHERE IS THAT???
  • pitt has not yet appeared in drunken youtube. hoff has. WHAT IS BRADLEY PITT HIDING???
  • According to Guinness Book of World Records, Baywatch is most watched TV show in world, with over 1.1 billion viewers
  • Brad Pitt started on show called "Dallas." WHAT SHOW IS THAT???
  • Hoff has "aura"; Pitt has "allure"

Enough said. Well maybe not quite enough. Wayward O also made blingee about article:

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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

tire tracks acrOss their backs...

diaspora is throwing many team members under bus today:

1) freddy the bee. level of justification: 58.4%. freddy the bee just put a gaping hole in hull of his major league career with last night's boot. but team's poor play put him in a bad spot to begin with. still, bye-bye isn't showing major league talent with on-field performance. also, terrible camera work in toronto ... very hard to see boot and no replay. WFffT?

2) ramOn. level of justification: 68.1%. hideous throwing error in 7th and just general shittiness seems to pervade his on-field performance sometimes. he's supposed to be a team leader. he's no kid like bye-bye.

3) trembO. level of justification: 6%. sure. fine. blame trem for pulling fahey, who's been hot, for a pinch hitter, jay payton, who had a terrible at-bat. remind manager that payton is a notorious whiner who often sulks in pinch-hitting and other off-the-bench situations. but dave's been doing it all year and often it's worked. fahey and bye-bye are pretty much interchangeable anyway. very hard to blame trembley but you can do it if you try real hard. on side note, trembley's leadership will become more and more crucial as season winds down and team starts limpin' and duckin'.

4) sarfate. level of justification: 4%. hard to blame him. it's sad team has lost matt albers, who was the glue between mid-innings and late innings. sarfate is likely to be more of a situational guy down the road, wayward o will wager.

a couple reasons for hOpe: big bird's ascension continues apace; no more talk of st. guts behing the hard luck loser, please. and maybe this new lefty, alberto castillo, can provide spark for pitching staff.


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

new rule, nO styling

trembO weighs in on ramOns jamOn-headed, um, home run trot from the other day, saying

"[I]t's not acceptable with me, it's not acceptable with what we're trying to
do, or the direction we're trying to go."
- from the WashPo
yeah, bruh. not cooooooooool.

Kevin Millar.
Yeah, kinda. Lack of production on top of glaring mistakes in last night's loss.

of course, some hysterical Os bloggers are throwing whole team under bus today.

We're lost! Lossssttt!

premature. anyway, good pitching is much tougher to find, build than good hitting. that's a huge plus for team if Olson can join Burres, Big Bird and St. Guts and make quality starts on regular basis.

incidentally, we need nickname for Burres. anyone? anyone?

PS. and apparently the Wing Man, aka Adam Loewen, has no serious arm problems!


Monday, May 5, 2008


if there is something in game of baseball more embarrassing than thinking you hit home run, not knowing where ball is, slapping fives with the first base coach, and then getting thrown out styling on basepaths because you in fact did not hit home run, please let wayward O know what that would be...

letting ball bounce off your head for home run (jose canseco), telling everybody you are a vietnam vet and getting kicked off team for it (that blue jays manager guy), failing to touch second base and costing your team a playoff berth (fred merkle), letting ball go under your legs and losing world series (bill buckner) and possibly one or two other gaffes could presumably be seen as more embarrassing.

but the list is clearly short.

today wayward O is starting a brand new feature. after every O's loss, fickle fan base is guaranteed to throw at least one player under bus whether they deserve it or not. so, without further ado:

ramOn & steve trachsel

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